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All About Remote

Dror Poleg
Dror Poleg
2 min read
All About Remote

Happy Friday!

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As you know, I'm writing a daily newsletter on LinkedIn for the next couple of months. This means my regular newsletter (this one) is a little quieter. This week, I wrote six pieces about different aspects of remote work and the future of cities and offices.  This is in preparation for a talk I'm giving next week.

Inequality and Remote Work

Remote work will reduce inequality globally and increase it locally. It will also provide everyone with more opportunity — and more anxiety. A global market for talent will not just create new winners, it will change the whole distribution of income. It will create fewer (but bigger) winners at the top, a shrinking middle, and a long tail of lower-paid (but very happy) newcomers.

The good news is that everyone will have a chance to win bigger rewards and find jobs that suit their unique combination of skills and experience.

The bad news is that average rewards are no longer guaranteed. In such a world, even the winners have to contend with uncertainty and anxiety. Are you ready to make the most of it? Continue reading...

Andreessen and the Office

"The Roman empire was not run out of an office." The world's most interesting investor shared his thoughts on hybrid work, virtual collaboration, and the importance of big bets.

☎️ The office is a construct of a particular historical time and place. They haven't been around for long and there's no natural reason for them to persist.

🤝 Hybrid work is often the worst of both worlds. The best companies will either learn to work fully remote or completely rethink how they work in person.

🏡 Remote work will have far-reaching consequences, far beyond the office. It will not just change where we work and what we do at home. It will also change whom we live with, how many generations live together, and how we raise our kids.

🎰 The biggest risk is the one you didn't take. In a connected world, one good idea can make up for hundreds of bad ones. This is true for investments, but also for recruitment. Companies will have to adopt new structures to deal with uncertainty and increase their odds of making the right bet(s). Ultimately, Andreessen believes remote work could be a "civilization-level change."  Continue reading...

Remote Work: An American Problem?

Will remote work affect American cities more than Asian and European ones? Ultimately, it looks like it will reshape all cities, but at different intensities and speeds. Continue reading...

Remote Work's Unfair Advantage

The history of cities explains why remote work will become overwhelmingly popular. It also explains why the largest cities will benefit from this process. Continue reading...

Remote Work Won't Fix Urban Congestion

Remote work will not reduce urban traffic. And people will not return to cities unless traffic is reduced. Continue Reading...

Have a great weekend.