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Emergence, Winning, Airbnb, and Regulating Crypto

Dror Poleg
1 min read
Emergence, Winning, Airbnb, and Regulating Crypto

Happy Friday!

šŸ—ž I spoke to the Wall Street Journal about hype cycles and Ponzi schemes in the crypto market.

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As you know, I'm writing a daily newsletter on LinkedIn for the next couple of months. This means my regular newsletter (this one) is a little quieter. A few pieces from the past week:

  • Unavoidable Pyramids: Why, in the future, every business will be a Ponzi scheme for 15 minutes.
  • Are you designing for emergence? A world without average users requires a radical approach to product design. It's true for software, and it's true for homes and offices.
  • Playing like you're winning: Greatness requires us to play through challenges as if they're not there. Or, what I learned from a 19-year-old basketball player.
  • Airbnb and the Abstraction of Location: The internet doesn't just change how we book vacations and work trips. It changes where we go and how long we choose to stay. A new Airbnb feature shows why.
  • Regulating Crypto is Harder than it Looks: To "clean up" crypto markets, regulators must redefine where private markets end and public markets begin. Over time, they will likely give up this distinction and regulate both markets in the same way.

Have a great weekend!